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Software Engineer (m/w/d)

Lesedauer < 1 Minute

Webseite Fego International Consult GmbH

Job Overview

Chief Architect & Software Manager Design & creation of of crisis & pandemic prevention & management solution taking mobility and people flow aspects into consideration. The solution should be part of Cities platform so that city authorities can integrate with existing solutions. The solution should be fully open source and based on standards which are approved and followed by organisations like GSMA and ETSI. The solution should be using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict the crisis/Pandemics and should alert the city authorities.

Responsibilities and Duties

Conceptualising and designing the crisis & pandemic prevention & management platform
Selecting the appropriate technologies
Ensuring that the open standards selected are followed
Managing team and sub contractors
Reporting the progress to executive team
creating customer material and status reports

At least Bachelor degree holder in Engineering or Technology
At least 20 years of experience globally in working in more one country
Proven expertise in designing & building mobility and Smart City platforms for cities and transportation organisations
Clear understanding of crisis management protocols
Proven understanding of data and interface standards with the history of contributions to standards
Hands on capability to do software programming and DeveOps
Should be able to travel to Switzerland and attend the interview with our customer
Compensation Shall be on par with IT management role in Switzerland.

More details FEGO is a Switzerland based consulting company consulting, Conceptualising, designing and implementing software solutions for customers, which will solve the problems and optimise the customer’s operation. We are working with one big telecom vendor to build the crisis and pandemic prevention and management solution.

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